July 9 to 10, 2019 at Tobacco Dock, London

Attend the conference to learn how to design, develop, and deploy fast, modern web projects that run on JAMstack, without web servers.

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But wait. What is it?

There’s a revolution happening, you feel it?

Static site generators, serverless architectures, and powerful APIs are giving front-end teams fullstack capabilities—without the pain of owning infrastructure. It’s a new approach called the JAMstack and this is the premier conference to explore it.


Attend talks and workshops on static site generators, GraphQL, serverless, building high performance web applications, and more. Celebrate and discuss all things JAMstack at the after party.

Take a look at this small taste of the 2018 edition:


Learn directly from the creators that have powered one of the most transformational periods in web development since the dawn of the Internet.

  • Sarah Drasner

    Head of Developer Experience, Netlify

  • Jake Archibald

    Developer Advocate, Google

  • Ives van Hoorne

    Creator of CodeSandbox

  • Una Kravets

    Developer Advocate, Google

  • Simona Cotin

    Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft

  • Matt Biilmann

    Founder and CEO, Netlify

  • Ramin Bozorgzadeh

    Director of Engineering, WeWork

  • Chris Coyier

    Creator of CSS-Tricks

  • Surma

    Web Advocate, Google

  • Gerald Onyango

    Support Developer, Netlify

  • Vitaly Friedman

    Co-founder, Smashing Magazine

  • Jessica Parsons

    Documentation Engineer, Netlify

  • Chris Coyier

    Creator of CSS-Tricks

  • Jesse Martin

    Developer Advocate, GraphCMS

Conference MC

Guiding us through the day, will be your conference MC

  • Phil Hawksworth

    Principal DX Engineer, Netlify

Convince your boss

Eager to attend but need to convince the higher-ups? We've prepared a template describing many of the reasons why you and your company will benefit from attending the conference.


Tobacco Dock interior

Where is it?

Tobacco Dock, London

Moments from Bank, Canary Warf and Shoreditch, Tobacco Dock is a beautiful event space, with a large auditorium and plenty of room to meet sponsors, partners, and fellow attendees to talk about JAMstack projects.

Tobacco Dock, Wapping Lane London, E1W 2SF ->


Conference tickets start at £479 + VAT, so try to get yours while they last. Workshops are sold seperately. Sending three or more from your team? Contact us about group discounts or sponsorships.