Tuesday, April 9

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Wednesday, April 10

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Tuesday, April 9

We've curated a full day of talks from top engineers at GitHub, Citrix, Netlify, and more who don't just talk code—they ship it every day. Learn all about modern browser techniques and capabilities, next-gen workflows and environments, and how to orchestrate it all with third-party tools and services into an architecture that is faster, more secure, and lower in cost.

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Gerald Onyango · Netlify

A few opening remarks and information about the event ahead.


Matt Biilmann · Netlify

State of the JAMstack Nation. And news and announcements from Netlify.

Action packed JAMstack

Brian Douglas · GitHub

GitHub Actions is the biggest feature coming out of GitHub since the Pull Request and it is now empowering the JAMstack in ways that have not previously been conceived. Join in my walkthrough how you can leverage this new tool in creating Action packed workflows to supercharge your repos and GitHub experience. Build your container apps to run arbitrary code, publish packages to registries, or even automate welcoming new users to your projects — with access to the full GitHub API and any other public APIs, Actions has limitless to enhance you JAM.

React Static and progressive static site generation

Tanner Linsley · Nozzle

What is a progressive static site? How do they work? Let’s explore the motivations, challenges and API design decisions that went into building React Static. You’ll learn how progressive static site generators work and if React Static is the right tool for your next project!

Panel discussion

Moderated by Phil Hawksworth

Ecommerce on the JAMstack used to seem impossible. Now there are a growing number of tools and services to drive commerce experiences. Not everyone is convinced that this architecture is ready or able to deliver on the promise of e-commerce. This panel will discuss why. And explore the real opportunities and limitations of this stack. With Garth Brantley, Francois Nadeau, Kevin Green and Tim Brown.

Delivering more to customers with less overhead

Beth Pollock and Luis Ugarte · Citrix

In 2018, Citrix product documentation ( moved from an expensive and brittle Adobe Experience Manager environment to a more flexible, affordable, and manageable stack. The new stack uses markdown source, Bitbucket for version control, Jekyll as our site generator, and Jenkins to build it all and deploy to Netlify. The new infrastructure is solid and lets us deliver content to several hundred thousand users every month, in 7 languages. All while supporting more than 50 full-time professional authors and numerous other employee contributors. And we do this with two full-time developers and one full-time site admin.

What’s your JAM(stack)?

Amberley Romo · Gatsby

Shifting from a monolithic CMS approach to a JAMstack setup comes with an abundance of choice. On the other hand, all that choice can come with indecision paralysis. Where’s a dev to start? Thankfully, there’s a thriving ecosystem of frameworks offering varying flexibility and structure, different approaches to performance and delivery, etc. We’ll talk about some ways to evaluate available tools, using Gatsby as an example.

Get better at JavaScript with just JavaScript

Wes Bos · Syntax FM,

This talk will be a mix bag of tips, techniques and code samples to improve your core JavaScript understanding and make you a more confident web developer. We will dive into the Modern Dom, data massaging techniques, flow control, async Javascript and some neat stuff in the future of JavaScript. Get ready to slam dunk JavaScript.

Closing remarks

Gerald Onyango · Netlify

Thanks, summaries, and information.


All attendees, speakers and sponsors

Time to meet your fellow attendees, chat with the speakers and sponsors, and talk about the themes of the day. Official afterparty will run until 7pm. After that, New York is our oyster!

Wednesday, April 10

Wednesday presents the choice between two amazing workshops offering hands-on experience creating JAMstack sites and applications.

Building Modern React Websites with Gatsby.js

Chose to spend Day Two with Wes Bos teaching the ins and outs of building modern React websites with Gatsby.js. ($499 for the day; $399 with conference ticket.)

Building a Serverless App

Join Netlify’s David Wells as he leads attendees through building a production-ready, full-stack application with serverless functions, a NoSQL datastore, and React. ($399 for the day; $299 with a conference ticket.)


Conference tickets start at $299, so try to get yours while they last. Workshops are sold seperately. Sending three or more from your team? Contact us about group discounts or sponsorships.